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Not drinking.
Visitation // Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2004

I had the greatest dream. Oh, it was great. Here it is:

It was one of those where you dream you are awake and in your bed but you can't move. It was dark in the room and out the window I could see a bright light growing larger as it approached. It came through the window and it turned out to be an angel, of the white-skinned anime variety, with gauzy robes and huge translucent fairy wings that flapped lazily in the confines of the small room. She floated at the end of my bed, emitting soft light, her features indistinct. I was not scared or thrilled but rather bemused, especially after she slowly turned and bent over, moved her garments aside, and showed me her perfectly delineated bare white ass.


Where to start? It's one of those dreams that could be shown to support just about any point I might want to make, but in this case let's make it the romantic seduction of drinking. It sneaks in when I'm vulnerable, looking all innocent and attractive, looking like it might even be some kind of gift or suggestion from above, but sooner or later I'll end up seeing that ass. Underneath all the gauze, the wings, the sloe-eyes: it's just ass.

(And the devil on my shoulder crows: Lemme see that ass! Show it to me baby!)

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